Tom Cole Announces Run For Reelection

Moore, OK – Tom Cole issued the following statement to formally announce that he will seek reelection to represent the Fourth District of Oklahoma in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“During the last couple of years, America continues to face incredible challenges. Between the crisis at the southern border and the ongoing impact of inflation, the concerns and plight of everyday Americans continue to rise.

“These challenges require strong and principled leadership harnessing the incredible resiliency and spirit of Americans. In representing the people of the Fourth District, I have proudly fought to protect and advance commonsense conservative values while also ensuring we are investing in the future.

“In stark contrast, the Biden Administration and Democrats in the Senate have promoted and radically pursued devastating policies that are severely out of touch with the priorities of the American people and Oklahomans. The Biden Administration initiated a self-made disaster at the border with over 90 executive orders reversing Trump Administration policies.  Biden’s actions have brought about a record number of illegal entries and untold horrors of human trafficking and fentanyl affecting every community in our state.

“Beyond the crisis at the border, Democrats’ partisan economic agenda continues the inflationary pressures affecting every single American family. Whether its going to the grocery store, to affording housing, or even filling your gas tank, the Biden Administration continues to advocate for policies to penalize, not help, Oklahoma families.

“Two years ago, the Republicans took back control of the House and I am proud of the significant legislation we have passed to directly benefit Oklahoma’s families. In the House, we passed the most conservative border security bill ever, but it stalled in the Democrat Senate.   We passed bills to unleash American energy and create jobs in Oklahoma.  In addition to these accomplishments, I am proud to have successfully worked for an additional pay raise for our military men and women, historic investment and expansion of services at Veterans Affairs, and increased investment in law enforcement to make our Oklahoma communities safer.  And on top of this, we continue to increase missions and capabilities at Fort Sill and Tinker AFB.

“I am proud of my record, but there is still important work to be done. I am running for reelection to hold the line against the Biden Administration’s policies, to encourage a robust economy where small businesses and families can thrive, to strengthen our national security, and ultimately, to help deliver a better America for future generations.

“It is a great honor to represent the people of Oklahoma’s Fourth Congressional District. I look forward to being of service, earning every vote over the coming months, and continuing the fight for our conservative ideals and principles.”


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